Free Training Programme

Free Training Programme

The BSU offers a comprehensive range of training courses and programmes. Our online courses offer an excellent way to work training into your busy schedule when it’s most convenient for you. Our face-to-face sessions will not only provide you with invaluable knowledge, but by sharing ideas and issues with entrepreneurs with similar experiences, you will also have the opportunity to establish beneficial professional relationships.

BSU training programmes are designed with you in mind. Our e-learning programme allows you to learn at your own pace. The training is designed to help you enhance your soft skills such as public speaking, negotiation, and persuasion. Additionally, we offer courses in key business areas to develop your hard skills such as Financial Management, Pricing and Marketing.

Our e-learning and face-to-face training programmes are free. We invite business owners to take advantage of the opportunity to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills needed to create sustainable enterprises.

Training Calendar

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