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The “island that time forgot”; smallest of the inhabited islands at 2.5 square miles and once hub to a bustling salt production industry from the 1600s to 1900s. Salt Cay’s rich history includes being known for providing salt to George Washington during the Revolutionary War and aiding Canadian and American fishing fleets in preserving their catches. Remnants of the salt era such as salinas used for harvesting salt and the Bermudian architecture still stand as a testament. Today, thanks to its proximity to the Columbus Passage it offers some of the best scuba diving and whale watching.

The island also hosts relics of the whaling industry that once existed. The former whaling station at Taylor’s Hill has long been a popular beauty spot. Resident of Salt Cay are very friendly and are always ready with a bit of conversation, an anecdote of a local legend.

Today visitors to Salt Cay stare in amazement at the gigantic humpback whales that pass by from January through April. From the crest of Taylor’s Hill, visitors can enjoy the most breathtaking view of the entire island and its surroundings. .

Salt Cay is ripe for sensitive development being home to small but exquisite accommodations and restaurants, and while it is known as “the island that time forgot”, it seems to be an unforgettable experience for those who stay and return time and time again to this tiny romantic island.

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