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All requests for disbursement of benefits must be made in writing accompanied by a corresponding invoice or quote.

Cash Grant:

  • Invoices are reviewed to ensure that they correspond to the approved business activity.
  • Once approved, payment is processed, and the small business notified.
  • Where payment is to a registered local vendor, payment is made directly from the Agency to the vendor.
  • Where payment is to an international vendor, the invoice along with the wire instructions must be provided to process the payment directly from the Agency to the vendor.
  • Where the supplier is paid by the successful applicant, reimbursement can be requested with the supporting documents in writing. Reimbursement is made for amounts incurred after the date of approval of the grant.
  • Payments normally take seven to ten business days to process.

Customs Import Duty Reduction:

  • All requests must be supported with invoices at least a week before the shipment arrives on the island.
  • Once approved, a copy of the signed Duty Concession letter will be available for collection.
  • The letter must be presented to Customs to clear the shipment. The Duty Concession Letter
    approves a 0% duty rate on imported goods; however, it does not exempt the Customs Processing Fee (CPF), which must be paid by the small business.
  • The Agency does not reimburse import duties paid to TCIG by the small business.

Technical Assistance

  • The Agency must receive a written request from the successful applicant to draw down on Technical Assistance. Once approved, a Service Level Agreement must be signed by all parties involved and before the service commences.
  • The Programme covers 75% of the cost of the service once completed.


Technical Assistance can also be applied for as a standalone benefit which covers business plan preparation and market feasibility studies, only.