Job Opportunity: CEO

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Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

Reporting to: Board of Directors

Location:   Invest Turks and Caicos Offices – Providenciales


The Chief Executive Officer is the chief executive of Invest Turks and Caicos and is responsible for the success of the organization. Under the strategic direction of the Board of Directors, the CEO is expected to lead the implementation of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Government’s economic development vision, attract significant investments to the islands, oversee services for Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) businesses and support expanded sustainable development throughout the entire Turks and Caicos Islands. These investments will be expected to build a successful, sustainable economy and provide improved opportunities for employment and growth.  As well, the Chief Executive Officer will be actively evaluating investment and related economic policies and advising Government how to improve the business climate and attractiveness of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Chief Executive is expected to be a strong leader who can develop a cohesive team within the organization and across TCI to drive new investment to the country. The CEO will ensure that the organization has motivated staff who produce positive results using best international practices. The position involves overseeing a staff of up to twenty persons who are predominately highly trained investment professionals. The challenge is to build on the success of the Agency, communicate effectively with Government, and develop new policies and programs that attract and retain job-creating investments of all sizes and types. The successful candidate is expected to bring considerable local and international knowledge as well as managerial and entrepreneurial experience to the position and be a communicator who is customer-focused and goal-driven.


  1. To manage the day-to-day operations of Invest TCI through planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and controlling the functions of the Agency.   This includes maintaining, modifying, and implementing a rolling five-year Strategic Plan for the Agency, complete with annual marketing plans and budgets; monitoring financial and operational performance; and ensuring that the organization has a full complement of operating policies and procedures for both internal operations and for dealing with prospective investors and daily operations.  The CEO will ensure that the programs of the Agency positions it as a single front door for significant investment within the Turks and Caicos Islands.
  2. To actively seek alignment of the strategic operation of the Agency with the policies as are articulated from time to time by the Turks and Caicos Islands Government and the Ministry with responsibility for the Agency.
  3. To proactively seek opportunities to advise on issues related to economic development and investment with the aim of ensuring that legislation and policies are current and represent the needs of a buoyant and competitive country ready for investment.
  4. To develop and manage a programme of legislation review and reform for various developmental programmes that encourage Inward Investment and seek opportunities for expansion and extension of Investment potential though various agreements.
  5. To facilitate and where necessary lead the approval of qualified investments from existing applicants and “shovel ready” projects.  The CEO will ensure that a diverse basket of projects among various sectors are considered shovel ready to facilitate the diversification of the macro economy and micro economies of the TCI.
  6. To ensure the growth of an outstanding lead generation system, along with a strong due diligence programme, a market intelligence capacity, investor outreach and network maintenance and enhancement using applicable local standards and international best practices.
  7. To ensure the effective, efficient, and economic use of human, financial and physical resources in the role of Accounting Officer of the Agency; this includes responsibilities for audit, risk management & compliance issues.
  8. To ensure that key performance indicators are met and exceeded by all employees of the Agency guaranteeing that high level goals and objectives are communicated and cascaded to each reporting level and individual.
  9. To oversee all HR matters including hire and manage staff, evaluate, and monitor the quality and quantity of contractual performance.
  10. To engage constructively with various government Ministries, other relevant organisations and agencies and the private sector, both locally and internationally to support quality investment projects and to market the country.
  11. To generate significant domestic investment in and foreign direct investment to the country. The absolute values will be determined and agreed from time to time in the process of policy formulation.
  12. To generate significant domestic investment through various small business programmes, including the MSME programme and financial assistance provided to the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development (CED).
  13. To lead investment promotion and trade missions to various locations and conduct awareness marketing to raise the profile of TCI as an investment destination.
  14. To cultivate and manage relationship with key stakeholders, external agencies, and business development providers to ensure that the Agency and investors in the TCI benefit from targeted and deliberate networking.
  15. To carry out any other related activities as deemed necessary by the Board as essential to the organisation.


Education and qualifications:

The preferred candidate should have a master’s degree in finance, business administration, economics, or related field, plus preferably a certificate in Board management. 

Experience and Knowledge:

Minimum of ten (10) or more years of senior management experience as a Vice-President or above at a private enterprise/company/agency engaged in investment development and/or investment/financing/marketing.

The successful candidate will have proven skills in project finance, corporate development, and preferably involvement in a quasi-public role such as holding a senior position in a Chamber of Commerce, a National Economic advisory position, or as an industry association Director. Clear evidence of strong leadership skills, demonstrated management skills, track record of successful lead generation and marketing along with a proven ability to mentor and grow staff.


  1. Track record of excellence in current and previous employment.
  2. Demonstrably capable public speaker and presenter.
  3. Proven skills in investment promotion, strategic planning, project management and execution, especially as related to development projects. 
  4. Understanding of budgetary procedures and operational budget development/ implementation. 
  5. Strong track record of leadership, sales success, and investment facilitation/participation.
  6. Strong track record of staff management and successful programme/project implementation.
  7. Strong technical knowledge of project finance and financial legal structures.
  8. Consistently displays integrity and model behavior.
  9. Proven ability to motivate and develop teams/people.
  10. Strong writing and presentational skills.
  11. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills- innovative, creative, and forward thinking
  12. Adept in use of MS Office, particularly PowerPoint, Excel and Word, internet, and email.


 1. Fluent in written and oral English 2. Understanding of social, economic, cultural, and historical issues facing the TCI and Investors.  3. Commitment to travel by air, land, and sea. 4. Willingness to work outside normal office hours.


 Salary is in the range of $100,000 to $120,000, negotiable based on qualifications and experience. A standard set of benefits and allowances are additional.


The deadline date for applications is September 15, 2021 – 5:00 p.m. Turks and Caicos time.


Interested persons should submit a resume, along with their contact information, cover letter, two letters of reference (one preferably from a former employer), copies of educational certificates, a Police Certificate, and a copy of the Passport photo page.

Applications can be submitted by courier or delivered directly to Invest Turks and Caicos at Unit 2D, Courtyard Plaza, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, prior to the deadline. The application should be addressed to The Chairman – Invest Turks and Caicos and sealed envelopes should have the words “Chief Executive Officer” clearly marked on the front.

Alternatively, applications can be emailed to  ahegner@INVESTTURKSANDCAICOS.TC.  The subject line in the email should read “Chief Executive Officer”.  We thank all applicants for their interest. However, only persons selected for an interview will be contacted.